I have easily slept for 24 of the 48 hours of the weekend. I had two siesta’s yesterday, and made it to being awake for 2 hours this morning before giving up and going back to sleep.

Pathetic. I have read a bit, watched Charlotte’s Web on DVD and worked on my course, TB has been watching cricket, rugby, Indy Cars, NFL, and pretty much any other sport that was on the TV other than football. I wish I had been more productive this weekend, I could have spent more time on my course, but while we have also been tidying up and filing this weekend as well, if I have needed to sleep, I have slept. And slept.

After nap #1 I had cabin fever so we whizzed over to Gunwharf to look at a tall ship that had come in. Prince William on www.tallships.com, as we forgot the camera. The place was heaving with people shopping on a beautiful sunny day, mind you I had spent most of it in bed – so can’t really complain! We sat in Cafe Rouge and watched the world go by with a beer, some pomme frites and bread sticks with dips.

We watched Dogma last night, I hadn’t seen it before and loved it. Although I wasn’t laughing out loud, it was so well written and clever – I wish everyone in the world could see it. It sums up my religious views: You can’t define what each individual believes, as we are all individuals. Just have faith that there is something out there, have an idea.

I am looking forward to this week for several reasons:

  1. It is only 4 days long, so is next week.
  2. At the end of the week, I will be seeing the girls again, at Centre Parks, in a chalet with a sauna, swimming pool, long walks and lots of alcohol.
  3. My course work is completed, so I can concentrate on my Business Plan.

and there are others, but I can’t think of them just now. I may come back to this, is this a sign of my age, or the fact I am now so used to writing my lists down, I can’t cope without a pen in my hand??

I have taken to colour coding my lists at work, it both satisfies my stationary fetish and makes life a helluva lot easier. Black for the normal ‘to-do’ and things added onto it, blue for phone calls, green for emails, and pink for urgent stuff. Very pretty colours, but I couldn’t have got through last week without it.

We are having problems with our psychic abilities at work, they are not telling us when they are moving meetings around, scheduling them, or even going out the country. I sent an email out to everyone on Friday, reminding them that Zoe and I are looking after 9 people, we have just swapped two people over, and are absolutely snowed in with stuff they have given us to do, and are getting fed up with meetings popping up here there and everywhere. I can’t raise it in the normal Monday AM meeting, as it is Board Meeting day, so all the support staff don’t attend. This does have another bonus, they will be kept out of mischief for 6 hours so I can get on with work. Zoe is on holiday tomorrow and Tuesday, Victoria, who started 2 weeks ago, isn’t going to know what hit her!

Right, toodle-oo. I need to have a shower, I am still in boxer shorts (TB’s not mine) and a vest top. I did clean my teeth and put some lenses in, but that is the extent of my ablutions today – so I am minging…


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