Absence makes the heart grows fonder

Well, I have got through the first night, I was so tired I could have slept on a clothes line, so didn’t miss him too much. The bluddy postman woke me up, so bang went my lie-in. But I laid in bed and read the end of ‘The Pursuit of Happyness’. It was a humbling, wonderful book and it was with regret that I handed it back to the library today. Chris Gardner was another inspiration to me, I am collecting people and stories to help me on my journey towards RHE.

The ‘Happyness’ comes from a daycare centre that he wanted to get his son into while he was working in San Francisco; he couldn’t afford it for one, but Chris Jnr was also too young and not potty trained. When he had a secure job, found a roof over their heads (they were homeless, carrying everything they owned on the pushchair from his office, to bathrooms they slept in or slept on trains that ran all night) he was finally able to get his 3 year old into daycare – so he could work, hard, to get to the top of his game. I recommend it heartily, he lays his life down, as is, no excuses, no reasons, just this is me, and how I did it.

‘Walk the walk’ these were his watch words. Every journey starts with a single step. So walk the walk, the journey will take you where you need to go. Even if you think that you’re not heading in the right direction, fate may well have other plans for you. Alice summed it up for me last night, I have to thank Mark (the ex-husband) for one thing. Bringing TB into my life. Because if everything that has happened over the past two years – and it is almost exactly two years, hadn’t happended – I wouldn’t be here now. I wouldn’t be sat in my living room on this beautiful autumn day, drinking a glass of rose wine, typing this, grinning goofily at the love I feel for TB, a wonderful man, who thought enough about me to leave me a note on the dining room table, with my washing whizzing around in the machine and Oprah on TV.

I live a simple life, but it is a happy one. So for all the wobbles I may have over the coming 9 days until he gets back, I thank one man, because God knows, I’d still be in sh*tty military housing, in a crappy dead end job, in a marriage I had grown out off and was too scared to leave, for fear of failure. His behaviour, his actions forced the issue. For that I will be forever thankful. Just don’t tell the tw*t.


One thought on “Absence makes the heart grows fonder

  1. Don’t think we’ll be telling the tw*at, cos we probably won’t see him again, and if we did not sure conversation would be top of list of priorities! More like physical damage! LOL Just in case you were wondering! :o)

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