Can’t think of a title…

Well I have done, 5 loads of washing, most of it is dried and ironed, although not put away as yet. I have also made a huge ratatouille and a salad, cooked lots of pasta and stirred in some arribiatta sauce. I am sat in the living room, after eating some pasta and salad, watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s – jury is out so far, I hope I am not disappointed in it, I have wanted to see it for ages.

I have had a good day, pottered, hoovered, cleaned the kitchen, so it looks more like a girls than a boys! I need to lay out clothes for two days though, and sort lunches/dinners for Monday and Tuesday. I am going to see Mary Poppins tomorrow night, and when I called Patrick to ask if I could stay with him, I forgot he was in Scotland with Caireen. Ooops, so I am going to have a late night tomorrow, goodness knows what time I’ll get in, to turn around and go back out again. Great way to start the week, but I couldn’t resist it at the price I got it for, and I am 4 rows from the front. I haven’t been to the West End theatre for ages.

Must dash, I know I still owe you the rest of the Center Parcs, escapades, but you will have to be patient. I am not taking my lap top on the train till Tuesday. Patience is a virtue after all…


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