It has been a Monday

Got up on time, made breakfast, hair drying went well, left house on time, walked to station, got blown about in a gale, but felt smug as I was wearing a hat – how wrong I was, on top of my head fine, around the sides, very flyaway. Think Farrah Fawcett flicks.

Asked for little man behind counter to reprint my season ticket as it has been getting stuck in the turnstiles. Sat on train, ate breakfast, listened to Ipod and read Peter Kaye auto-biography.

Train up, no problem till we get to Waterloo area, then we are backed up, not worry, we have been reassured that ‘there are no problems on the underground’. Waterloo and City line, filled to bursting, so head towards Bakerloo Line, sit down on train, driver apologises delays on Bakerloo, we aren’t going anywhere, head towards Northern Line, delays on Northern, head towards Waterloo East, nearly get squashed in stampede towards the train coming in for London Bridge. Starting to get hot and bothered now. Especially as my new ticket doesn’t go through ANY turnstiles, so I have to find an odd-bod.

Get to London Bridge, get squashed again walking towards underground, nearly get eye taken out by golfing umbrella, walk down under pass, meet mouse coming in opposite direction – he had obviously had enough of his commute and was heading home. Miss entrance to underground as so many people have their umbrellas up (it is nearly outdoors, so they may get rained on), turnaround and get muttered at for going against the flow.

Find another odd-bod to let me through, get on relatively (for Northern Line) empty train and try to shuffle towards other side of carriage as Moorgate’s platforms are on the ‘wrong’ side of the train. More people squeeze on at Bank, getting very hot, can feel breathing start to quicken as I realise that if I don’t get off soon, I am liable to keel over – a la Sovereign Centre, when Sarah was too busy laughing at me to get help. Train gets to Moorgate, I get off then do battle with people who are too lazy to walk up escalators so bung up the whole area.

Get out onto street level after finding another odd-bod, nearly get my eye taken out by another golfing umbrella and finally get to work. I strip to my vest top in the loos in a vain attempt to cool off, and get a cup of tea. Phew.

I have no idea what I am doing at work, as my writing was so bad on Friday even I can’t read it, so I just play it by ear and try and take whatever the day throws at me. I am off to Mary Poppins tonight, so I will be having a late night – but at least tomorrow is another day.

God knows I don’t think I could live with another one like this one!

PS I passed my course. The certificate will be posted out today.


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