Um diddle-iddle um diddle-eye

I loved Mary Poppins, I had a really great time, but as my ticket wasn’t going through turnstiles had to find an odd bod to let me in and off the underground so I missed the fast train back home and crawled home stopping everywhere in Hampshire instead. I got into bed about 1ish, read a bit, looked at the clock at 1.32 told myself to get to sleep and turned the light out. The alarm yanked me out of sleep at 5.30 and I sat on the edge of the bed wondering what the hell happened. Considering I am a regular doormouse, I feel surprisingly chipper today, not least because my cold is coming out with avengence as well. *cough, sneeze, blow* I am almost at the stage where swallowing hurts, which is not good fun. I hope I am able to come into work tomorrow, but if it gets much worse I may have to stay curled up under the duvet instead.

I texted Mum in the interval last night saying that Mary Poppins was very good, but that I don’t pronounce all my letters properly and definetly don’t enuciate as clearly as she does! The girl who played her, Scarlett Strallen, had a wonderful voice; as clear as a bell, which is just as well considering the play on words that she has, especially while singing. The cast is huge, with some really well thought out ensemble pieces; sometimes there were so many people on the stage you thought they were going to crash into each other, and some of the quickest dress and make up changes I’ve seen in a while too. Funnily enough the only things to let the night down slightly were the children, who while they were supposed to play ‘obnoxious’ just were wooden, and were far better as the night wore on and their characters started changing. The book was also less like the film than some people in the audience liked, but more like the books by PL Travers – which if you have read them, are really good fun. However, they had her whizzing up the bannister the wrong way, there were enough songs from the film for it to be familiar, but the new songs for the stage show (including supercali-whatsit that was re-written and was wonderful, a far better version) were just as good and kept it fresh. The funny thing was that Bert was played by an American! With a much better accent than Dick Van-Dyke’s monstrosity, this actor was over on an exchange within Equity, Gavin Creel was his name and very good he was too. If you want to go and see it I would hurry up, it closes in London in January next year.


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