For my 161st blog…

…I have changed my colours – hope you like them. But then if you don’t, tough, coz I do.

Anyway, I have spent the day in bed or on the sofa, wrapped in my quilt I slept all morning, and considering I was in bed for 9pm last night, that’s not bad going. I have a cold, again. I am taking echinacia (spelt wrong) lots of vitamins and eating loads of fruit and veg as per the doctor’s instructions. Hmmm, fed up with feel ruff.

I am now watching Phoenix nights, laughing lots at the bunking bronco, ‘The louder you scream, the faster you go!’. I read Peter Kay’s autobiography this week, he has used his life in his comedy – there’s no two ways about it. Very funny, [There is a horse in my Cabaret Suite – I love this programme] it’s like he is talking to you when you read it though, so not the normal biography.

Dan texted me this morning, so I let him know I was staying at home and he called me about noon, woke me up but we had a good chat, he is loving been in Oz, but we are missing each other. Reassures you though, knowing we are doing the right thing

[Gunfight at the Phoenix Corrall] I can see this blog becoming a Phoenix Nights episode at this rate, so I will close. TTFN


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