Not a lot to say today, I had a phone call from Dan at work. I wasn’t expecting to talk to him today at all, so when I had ‘Hi’ on the end of the phone it surprised me and I didn’t recognise his voice either. How shaming.

He has been busy today, visiting houses and housing estates, looking round them, taking photos, asking questions. And god love him, he has been to visit two of the telephone/ISP companies in Oz too to ask questions about me working from home when I get out there. He is lovely, and only 4 more sleeps to go.

I am busy at work, *shock* I am prepping a presentation to give to the PAs of the companies that we own tomorrow. Becky and I are having lunch with them, they are appearing about 11:30 so we are going to have a tea/coffee and a chat about what we do. I am also surrounded by paper that needs filing, it is becoming a bit of a fire hazard, and have so many emails to action I am getting the heebeejeebies. I am also out the office for most of tomorrow and Monday, which means Tuesday will roll around and I will have no idea what has happened or what I am supposed to be doing, I will catch up by Thursday and the piles of paper will have grown even higher.

Woe is me, the trials of being a PA. Can’t complain though, I love my job. :D


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