TFI Friday

Have had a great day today. Very productive at work in the morning, then off out to lunch with Becky & Zoe. Becky had organised it, we were hosting the PAs from the companies we have invested in, so we had a conflab in the Board room, with a cup of tea then a tour round the office, then off out to lunch at Piccolinos. Owned by Independent Restaurant Company, we exited from the deal last year.

We left the restaurant at 4.30ish, wandered down Carnaby Street and into Liberty’s. God how much money could we have spent in there?! From scented candles to stationery to handbags and clothes to bedding and kitchen bits, Zoe, Becky and I could have redecorated, Trinny-ed our wardrobes and not eaten for the rest of the decade or paid any bills to boot. How the other half live…

Came home on the train, I am sitting on the sofa in comfortables watching Oprah and chilling. The car goes into a garage tomorrow, for an MOT, so I am pottering around the house getting it ready for DG coming home on Monday. On Sunday I will go shopping for food and do washing etc. Domestic bliss. Have a good weekend.



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