Hurrah it’s nearly tomorrow

I am watching Charlotte’s Web, again. I only watched it about 3 weeks ago, listened to it on the train this week and seem to be addicted to the story somewhat. Not too sure why, maybe I’m regressing into childhood again, mind you there are those of you who would probably say I haven’t moved on from there…

I have been faffing about the house today, getting things ready for dinner tomorrow, I have cooked a chicken for a roastie, changed the bedding done my washing and ironing and am twiddling my thumbs waiting for 11am to roll around so I can leave to collect Dan. I would like to leave earlier than that to watch the planes take off and land, but having checked how much it is to park at Heathrow, 6p a minute – or £3.60 an hour. I don’t think I will be watching many planes land! And that it also after the £1.50 charge to get in the carpark. Blimey.

It has been a good week, I have spoken to Dan lots more than I thought I would do and we have been texting each other every day. His phone has nearly died, he is going to text me from Singapore, and at around 2ish I will be with my boy. Can’t wait.

I better go, I don’t have anything to report really. I have been stuck in traffic, gone shopping, been a bit of a Nigella round the flat and idled the time away with reading and watching films. I’ve said it before, and I will say it again. It’s a small life, but it’s a happy one.



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