Travelling to work…

South West Trains are messing with our heads today. Instead of a 12 car train, 3 units of 4 carriages of the ‘white’ train – 2 and 2 seats we have a 9 car train; 4 ‘white’ and 5 ‘blue’ with 2 and 3 seats. We have only been at two stations, Fratton (where I joined) and Havant where people were running down the platform away from the blue stock. I am n the last of the white carriages, and it is full already. This could be interesting as we get further up the line, and although SWT really don’t care about how much we complain about the blue 450 units, that this train is 3 cars shorter and predominantly blue, and still no one particularly wants to sit in those seats shows that people power may win out after all. Even up to Haslemere and Godalming you can still get a seat where I normally sit, today people will stand up all the way to London rather than sit in a crunched, hunched and squashed position.


The woman next to me has drowned herself in perfume, I will be smelling like a tarts parlour by the time I get to London.

Dan and I had our take away last night; we also had two not recognised phone calls on his mobile – one at 1.10 in the morning. Thanks a lot whoever you were. He wouldn’t let me call them back this morning at 5.30, that they didn’t leave a message when they called about 11 last night would imply that it wasn’t urgent, but you woke us up from a disturbed sleep because we were floating around the room on MSG. That is the last Chinese take away I have in this country, I am fed up with being restless all night, being hot, cold and having that coating all over my lips from the chemical. I should have realised what a night we were going to have when I saw in there ‘All our dishes may contain MSG’. Everywhere else I have been in the world, (not that much admittedly) it is a matter of pride NOT to put it in. Why do we put up with it in this country? I wish I had not brought it now.

When I find out who called us at that time, I am going to give them a right earful. I am conscious more than ever before that you don’t call people too late, or too early. I called my parents once at 8am on a Saturday morning, the day after we got back from Oz. ‘Why are you calling at this time?’ So I could tell you we had landed? But that was the exception, I try to call people on Saturday or Sunday afternoons, very rarely call in the evenings at all; and during the week, if you want to speak to me it has to be before 9pm as I start going into sleep mode after then, I am usually in bed by 9.30. I used to call people on the train home when I lived with Ian and Erika, but that has now gone out the window, as the signal is so bad down to Portsmouth. The perils of communication, we have more gadgets than ever before yet spend less time together.

Now at Petersfield, more people running away from the blue train!

There was an article on the news last week saying that the art of letter writing is dying out. I love writing letters to people, but still can’t remember the last time I wrote one – how awful. I communicate mostly with people via email. Mainly because of my commute and working hours eating into so much of my day, and when we emigrate I don’t think that this will change much. The time difference is +10 hours, so we keep a clock in the flat on Aussie time, so we know when we can call his family. We tend to call them Saturday mornings, which is in the evening for them, but leave it too late you’ll have an irate person on the end of the phone as you have woken them up.

Next week we have (hopefully) the last of the engineering works to fix the signalling at Portsmouth. I will be spending the week with Wiz and Jim, I am not sitting on a bus for part of the journey through Hampshire, stressing at every stop off and wondering if I’ll make my connection. Not conducive to good karma or a calm day at work. It also means I’ll be able to spend the week with the kids catching up and having a laugh with the family. I’ll also be able to sit next to Mum on the train on the way up and her train friends. I don’t have train friends at the moment – we had a falling out as he was rude to me, didn’t apologise until too late, despite me saying something to him at the time, it took me to write an email to him when I got to work that morning before they realised why I had been so upset. Charging rhino would have seen it, but they didn’t. I was so busy at work, by the time I had read their emails, despite them being marked as ‘unread’ in my inbox, she said that had a read receipt for the Friday (I had read them on the Monday). Why would I lie to her? I walked up to her on the platform Tuesday morning, ready to talk it through, she was so cold and rude to me I wondered why I had bothered, I sat in the carriage with them for the journey that day as a point of honour, my bloody pride making me stubborn. But since then they can poke it. So I get on the train at the other end of the platform, carry on saying ‘Hello’ to people and being polite. We don’t know what is going to happen to the timetable if and when these engineering works are completed. SWT have said two conflicting things about the timetable: 1. We will go back to the original one and 2. The timetable will be reviewed. Make your minds up, as long as I can get to work in as less a frazzled state as possible I don’t care what time I need to leave, 5.30 is 5.30 however you look at it!

Am now at work amending this blog, and can add that I nearly got mown down by two cyclists making illegal manoeuvres on the road. One going through a red light, one turning down a one way street through a no-entry sign the wrong way. They both were rather pissed off when I shouted at them too.



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