Not for the squeamish

If your not too good with eyes, I wouldn’t read this bit.

I lost a lens today, behind my right eye while I was cleaning my face. I had to wake Dan up to get him to help me, laying on the bed with a dressing gown behind my head, he flooded my eye with eye drops and luckily it floated back out again. I had visions (no pun intended) of me trying to get dressed and him getting me to a hospital squinting in agony. All sorted out I then hopped into the shower, to get my fingers stuck in my hair as I washed it. Dan didn’t think I was safe to be let out the house this morning.

We have had a quiet weekend, with me laid low again with a cold/temperature thing that is doing the rounds. I had spent the week with Liz, Jim and the kids (more tomorrow) and could feeling it creeping up on me from Thursday morning. I finished work early on Friday and crawled under a blanket, the temperature broke in the middle of the night and I spent most of the weekend asleep from there on in. I missed the Halloween party at The Olde Bull, they must think I am ignoring them :-(

Dan has been having a ‘rationalisation’ at home, every so often he breezes through a cupboard and recycles/donates/sells what he doesn’t need anymore. He found a video camera with film on from 2001 onwards, we sat watching it on my lap top while it uploaded last night. Watching him with Loreli was weird, not least because it didn’t look like or sound like him – but because the person he was then is so different from the person he is now. I love him with the twinkle in his eye, and it wasn’t there in the few times he is in front of the camera.

I need to get some air, I am going on a swimming pool recce today. I won’t be going to City Point’s gym, it’s £25 for non-members to use it, if I get signed in by a member…!


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