Oh my God

I am sat here in my sunglasses after a horrendous day of ‘vision’. Talk about taking it for granted. If it’s not fuzzy, it’s giving me a headache or I am still squinting at the screen/desk/office – argh!

I am off to Vision Express in Holborn tomorrow, the manager is going to hopefully sort me out. In the meantime, as I can’t wear the contact lenses they have given me – too fuzzy – I am wearing the only pair of glasses with the new prescription in. Hence me looking like Posh Spice at a movie premiere *sigh* I can’t wait for the giggles at work tomorrow. Dan has already laughed at me tonight, but then I would have done it too.

Going to close now, this is too difficult to do, it may well in focus-ish, but it’s not glaring sunshine….


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