Germs and chickens – Bird flu?

I have spread it to Dan now, he has come home from work early, only had 6 phone calls from work while he tried to sleep poor boy. I tried to work today, but wilted and had a sleep, sat back at my computer and couldn’t concentrate so gave up. He is sat wrapped in a blanket, beanie on head, with red swollen eyes and major snuffles. I hope I didn’t look that bad!

We have been watching Hugh’s Chicken Run, in horror. Not just at the chickens, we already knew about them but at the sheer ignorance of some people. One woman didn’t realise that you could use all the meat from the carcass, she only used the breast meat and threw the rest away. We have a roast, sandwiches, salads, curries, soup, risottos and so on. We have at least 4 cooked meals from each bird, plus all the cold meat we use through the week. And why do all the Supermarkets not want to talk about it, funny that.

It’s not just about whole birds either, it’s every time people buy chicken kiev, chicken on a stick (one of my personal favourites) and every time you buy a prepared meal with chicken in, all of the meat has come from these huge industrial chicken sheds. I hate it. So along with trying to buy free range eggs and whole birds, I wish people would stop buy processed food too, that will help. I have been going to Farmer’s markets and shops for as long as I can remember, one of most vivid early memories of Christmas is going to Middle Farm to buy cheeses and loving the variety of produce available.

Come on England, support the Chicken Out! cause and buy Free Range, as much as you can across the board. And above all use the meat properly, don’t just bin the bones – use them for soup, stock, use meat the way it should be used, not how Tesco want us to use it, as yet another commodity to be thrown away.


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