Visa and le weekend

OK, can’t put it off any more, I have brought a folder, separated all the forms out and have started to read them. According to the blurb, it will take about 12 weeks to process it through the London office. I have to complete the Application Form, a medical form, a form to get a chest x-ray, a ‘Penal Clearance’ form and then Dan has to complete another form as my sponsor.

Then we have to dig out: birth certificate, decree absolute, deed poll, inside leg measurement and we’re off!! I am going to keep a diary of everything I do and who I talk to. I will start reading it on the train tomorrow. We have also got a form from HSBC to open bank accounts in Melbourne, we fill it in, prove who we are and pay £100, then we can collect all the cards etc. when we are out there in April.

We have had a productive weekend, the flat is spic and span, the fridge is bulging with food and we are pretty much sorted on what we need to do through the week. Dan is off into the shower after laying his clothes out, I am just about to pack my stuff up and go to bed too. I am getting a bit weary, last night we went to bed at 8.30 – which is a bit pathetic, but we are blaming our flu-y type bug. We got round Waitrose without to much hassle, but by the time we had got to the car Dan was shaking with fatigue. My big strong boy has been wiped out by this.

Better close now, I want to curl up with Harry Potter. I am starting from the beginning again, I hope this time it won’t induce bizarre dreams about Cedric Diggory on the Hogwarts Express.


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