Visa – ‘Don’t Panic!’ in big reassuring letters


The size of the form is thus so if you have loads of dependants (I don’t) there is room to add them on, so most pages I won’t need to write anything on other than ‘N/A’! :D

I read it on the train this morning took copious notes and have realised that although they advise you not to get your medical and police checks done prior to them granting your visa – they would like them to arrive at the same time to expedite the process. Hmmm. Tis a might confusing, and the amount of documents I need certified copies of is ever growing too. I also need statements from people who know both Dan and I and can verify how long we have been together. So I will be calling you during the week to ask if you can help us out please.

One thing I would say is that they want to know so much about you, so they can make an informed decision. They obviously take the issue a lot more seriously than over here, I have to apply for a tourist visa just to enter the country, if it’s not registered with your passport, you don’t even get let in. Does make you wonder how truck loads of people can just appear over here…

More later, I need to get back to work.


One thought on “Visa – ‘Don’t Panic!’ in big reassuring letters

  1. well… my immigration here was very intrusive entering as a fiancee! So don’t belive the press hype that it’s necessarily easy to get into the UK!

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