We cut it a bit fine today, I stood on the platform long enough to say hello to everyone and the train pulled in. I enjoyed listening to the News Review before Farming Today, but even without me putting make-up (Ghost of Christmas Past look today), and having everything laid out or packed last night, we were still late leaving the flat.

I hate rushing anywhere, I would rather be late than charge about, but nine times out of ten I arrive early, even if I walk quickly anywhere (and I do) I still don’t feel rushed. I try and maintain a serene outlook on life, believe me the gym programme I am following at the moment hurts, mentally as much as physically, I am finding out a lot about my pain threshold! I am doing hill climbs on a stationary bike, at my perceived level of fitness: climbing up 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 6, 7, 8, 9, 6, 7, 8, 9, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. Each level lasts a minute, 5 is just getting going, 9 is as hard as you can go, so buy the time I have done two minutes at 9-10, I can barely walk when I get off the bike. I then follow it with some weights, and stagger home. It doesn’t help that the gym is above squash courts, so I walk down all jelly legged. But every time I am on the bike I am pushing myself to get to the end of the minute, it doesn’t sound a long time, but when you are pedalling flat out with a really high resistance, it hurts. BUT, as it is only a minute, mentally you know you can do it, even when you feel like your legs are on fire and about to fall off. Stin, the coach I am using through my iPod, has years of experience in exercise and life coaching, I can watch a video of her training with me, or listen to various tracks with her giving me the cues to change gear, go up a level etc. It is more motivating to me than pretty much any other programme I have used. I love the Body Doctor, and ideally would do that everytime, but it takes 90 minutes to do, which at 7pm, I cannot find if I need to get everything else done in the evening. Stin’s programme is 20 minutes CV, and then optional weights, on slow speed so you aim for complete muscle exhaustion in 2 mins, by using a fairly high weight, and each rep taking 20 secs. It means I am in and out the gym in less than an hour, and while the weight isn’t falling off me, I feel better, mainly because I am actually doing something, and my wobbly bits are already tightening up.

We had an epic London round up this morning, I have scheduled them to last for 45 mins, we must have broken an hour. All I know is my ‘to do’ list grew considerably through the meeting, so must dash. I will leave you with this though:

I just brought my monthly season ticket, it has gone up from £341 to £415.90 this year. That is £74.90, and for the extra pennies I am paying, I get a full train at Petersfield, barely enough room to sit down on the way home and SWT maintaining that we still need to stop at Guildford and Woking, despite people turning away from the train on the platform as they can’t get on. Bah. We have another web chat coming up, we are already priming our questions!!


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