All in all a 100% successful day

There are not often days when you set out to achieve a whole series of things, and do. But we did yesterday.

Woke up at 8am (bliss), sat down while I was having breakfast we checked the forms were complete to take to the bank. Dan packaged up his ebay stuff that people had paid on the night before. We gathered all our documents together to say we are who we say we are, showered, dressed, got to the chiro on time, Paul beckoned me in with an ominous finger and straightend me out with a series of noisy clunks. (He was telling me that all his female patients are trying to set him up with friends, he has decided that at nearly 38 it’s time to settle down, so he was off on a blind date last night. God love him, he is such a nice guy whoever ends up with him will be a lucky lady, he is 6′ something, Welsh, used to do body building, and is still in good shape, has a wicked sense of humour, and being a doctor probably knows his way around a body. I know my back is better than it has been in ages, she says slumped on the couch while she types this….)

I whizzed into Waitrose to buy some bread and the papers, Dan met me outside, we hauled a box into Oxfam, drove into town, where we went and got him some breakfast and a coffee. We people watched in the cafe, there are some strange people in this world! One lady next to us kept getting up and walking to the salt/pepper/sugar sachets, carrying 1 or 2 things back at a time, but got up 3 times in total. Why not carry more things back with you? There were some horrendous children, with a mother looking like she really didn’t know what to do with them as they climbed all over the furniture – try saying ‘No’ and meaning it?

I had made an appointment at HSBC to open our Australian accounts on Friday, this took a while as you have to call a central number, key in sort code, account number, tell them what you want to know by pressing buttons, and just when you are banging your head on the desk in frustration you speak to someone. I said can you put me through to the branch in Commercial Road, as I need to make an appointment to open an overseas account, it being a Saturday we didn’t want to wait for ages while they fitted us in. So she put me through to the overseas account department who sighed heavily at me, because it was obviously my fault. He emailed the branch to call me, and to be fair they did phone back in about an hour, but despite saying be there at 12, we still had to wait half an hour as they hadn’t got us written down on their sheet. Grrrr. Anyway, after telling them what we wanted and showing her the bits on the form she needed to complete, we were in and out in a hour. The international department maintain that all branch members of staff know what they are doing with the forms, but as they see them so rarely – they don’t have a clue. We will get the cards/PINs/cheque books sent through in 10 working days, and within 15 have to put some money into the account, et voila. A major box is ticked.

In the post office, we sent off 8 parcels, much chuntering in the queue behind us, where else would we post them from though? I know it was on a Saturday morning, but how many of the old ladies in the queue behind us have all week to come in? We were stymied by the auctions finishing on Friday night, Dan likes to send his things off as soon as they have been paid for, but we could still feel the death ray stares in the back of our head.
We did a bit more shopping in town, brought the new Matthew Reilly for DG, the Ladies No. 1 Detective Agency for me, whizzed into Tesco, reminded ourselves of why we don’t shop there and came home. I had a snooze *shock*, in fact I am revving up to go back to bed now (10.42) had a late lunch, we’d brought some fluffy white towels in Debenhams to put in the bathroom on viewing days, on Friday night I used the new Duck squidgy cleaner pads to clean the tiles, they and the grout between them came up so well we didn’t need to re-grout them! o/ Dan re-sealed the edge of the bath, we hung the new shower curtain and our bathroom is ready to receive potential buyers.
I tidied up my clutter drawer in the bedroom, the shoe cupboard and started adding more things to the new charity box, but we are running out of things to get rid off. Although I did jettison my rolling pin ‘How often do I use this?’ to decide I wanted to make a quiche last night – bummocks. Much giggling by me as I realised what I had done. Trying to decide what to do for dinner, Dan said that we’d eat before we went to the cinema, so we quickly got changed. It being a Saturday it was busy, but we went into the Waterfront Brasserie, asked for a table for two, he said no problem, but he needed it back by 8.15. As our film started at 8.20, this worked out well all round, and the food was delicious to boot. Dan had fillet of pork, I had plaice for the first time, we shared some green beans and talked about what we wanted to achieve in Australia. Sunday brunches is one of them for as many people as we can get round the table.
We waddled down to the cinema for Sweeny Todd, I chose my Ben & Jerry’s in a record time, literally in less than a minute – which for me is impressive, as I normally have to start thinking about what flavours I want before I leave the house. Sweeny Todd is really good, the film is shot in really muted tones, so everything autmatically appears darker and more oppressive before it even starts with necks being cut all over the place. If you don’t do musicals you may not enjoy it, but the whole cast are great, Timothy Spall is a revelation – really slimy and horrible, Alan Rickman is delicious as ever. It’s not a musical where you come out whistling or humming a tune from the show, but as it is the first time I have watched Sacha Baron Cohen and not wanted to thump him – it says a lot for Tim Burton, his direction and my aversion therapy…
Must dash, my bed is calling me, but yesterday was such a good day, we did so much, enjoyed each other’s company and giggled all day I had to share it with you. Now all we want to know is how did Paul get on with his date?
(If there are any typos in this, I apologise, the spell checker isn’t working and has been for a while)

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