The antibiotics I have been on for my eye have cleared it up (mostly), but left me as weak as a kitten, as proved again when I got off the exercise bike tonight and wobbled out the gym with legs like rubber bands. My eye was on the mend nicely until Julie’s hyacinths opened out at work – I love them, I love all Spring bulbs, I have some irises on the window sill at the moment, but God these ones at work make my nose itch, my eyes run and itch, my skin on my face itch. And they aren’t that close to me either. Anti-histamine alert for tomorrow, I have never taken them in February before.

Apart from that the house looks like a bombsite, we have boxes everywhere, in the hall, in the living room. The only room that looks respectable is the bathroom, we didn’t have to grout it (see previous blog) so it looks fab – especially with the fluffy white towels and bathmat brought specially :D I have also saved a Cowshed candle that is lemon fragranced to pop in there when we are ready to show it. At the moment, I have no idea how we are going to get everything sorted in time, but as normal it will get sorted in time. It is starting to come together, albeit slowly, we are ticking things off our epic list.

Dan and I are watching Band of Brothers, we are up to episode 7 ‘Breaking Point’ I love this series, the book is good too and I would recommend it to anyone. Easy Company were extraordinary men, and that some of them saw from D-Day through to the end of WWII is incredible. Especially as they were on the front line for most of this time during the war. Being my parents daughter I have a love of history, while I hated Modern World History at school, I respect it now, mainly because of the wealth of material it has provided us with to learn from. Although we don’t seem to be getting anywhere with this knowledge, remember what I said – keep paying it forward, we will get there eventually.


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