For the best part of two weeks we have been living in chaos. This was taken this week, and Dan and I have both been feeling slight frazzled because of instead of a nice, relaxing, homey atmosphere, we have been living with boxes, piles, no room to do anything and it really is draining. I can be very untidy, but generally am fairly neat, I like things to be in their right place, mainly because if I know where something is – a diva tantrum is averted before it rears it’s ugly head. I hate the pile of (no other word for it) sh!t that is in my line of vision at the moment, I hate the window sills being filled with useless piles of stuff, only put there so it doesn’t get packed in error. I hate having no end of ‘things’ around me that serve no purpose out of context, piles of books on the floor, pictures propped against walls instead of hung on them waiting to be packed. Life at home is not the comfortable, easy place I want (and need) it to be at the moment. Still the end is in sight, 7 boxes total – the white ones in the picture – have been packed, taken to the hospital, where they will be collected and sent to Melbourne on a slow boat. The dining table was cleared, so we ate Dan’s birthday dinner at the table instead of from our knees, which I hate, so bad for you on so many levels: You don’t concentrate on enjoying what you are eating, or taste the food properly, have conversation, you eat automatically so you don’t sense when you are full; shovelling food in while watching TV is one of the easiest ways to pile pounds on, I should know I am proof of this! I enjoy eating, love my food and want to taste it, sitting up at a table with the TV off, talking over my day with DG is a highlight for me, and one that I am fed up of missing out on. So the worm has turned, I will clear the table every night from now on. This will be a lot easier from today as we will have hardly anything in the flat!
We are going out for lunch today, I am taking Dan to a Michelin starred chef at 8 Kings Road, yes, here in Portsmouth there is a wonderful French restaurant. We took parents, Patrick and Caireen there in July last year, it wasn’t successful – but that is a whole other blog. And those of you who know me well enough will be able to guess why. Dan is shaved, showered and starting to get ready, so I need to depart this virtual world to go make myself look presentable. TTFN, more later and hopefully with an updated picture for you!


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