We have had another good day in the flat, we have a living room floor, albeit desperately needing a hoover! I haven’t done any ironing, but we have a kitchen with no washing up, no clothes washing to do, the bedding is tumbling as I type ready to be folded away. Dan has gone through his filing, leaving a box full of shredding, I have tidied the pile of stuff up that was on the floor by the couch, I have to go through my filing and weed stuff out that I don’t need. One thing we have found, for every job we complete, we open up another two or three – it does appear never ending at the moment, but we have achieved a lot.

We had a lovely lunch at the restaurant today, we both had French Onion soup to start, it came with a puff pastry and gruyere cheese ‘lid’ that you broke up and ate with the soup. Absolutely delicious, although trying to eat it without wearing puff pastry, and stringy cheese wasn’t easy! We had a roast each, Dan had lamb, I had chicken, then for dessert; the chocolate mousse was back on the menu. Dan forced himself to eat some of it, as it comes in a soup toureen – it looks huge. I had pear and frangipani tart over coffees. When we came home I had a siesta *shock*, and off we went again on sorting, faffing and tidying.

We are looking forward to a busy week, I will keep checking in and letting you know how we are getting on. Have a good one peeps.


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