Three blogs in two days!

Blimey, I am on a roll.

We were in bed for 9.30 last night, the pair of us reading again like an old married couple. I felt quite awake this morning, when I woke up before the alarm, but seeing as I am up at 5.30 there is no way I am getting out of bed before then, so I dozed till it went off, which made me feel all fuzzy headed.

All the floor boxes have been moved at work, so instead of it being beside my chair under my desk, it is right in front of me under my desk. I stick my feet out in front of me and get all tangled up. Either I will pull a plug out, or will pull the whole thing off my desk until the cables have been tidied away. It did however, force people to tidy desks as we couldn’t leave anything lying around so they could work quickly – I still have a few things left in cupboards and haven’t written my to-do list yet today, I have been wading my way through my emails that came in over the weekend. Not too bad, but as Becky is out the office – it is Amanda and I that are looking after everyone. Luckily the two bigger cheeses are out at a conference all week, while the London Investment Team are all off skiing from Wednesday afternoon. This is a really good thing, as we can get in their offices and tidy up, weed paperwork and file things away. Hurrah.

South West Trains have a web chat tomorrow with their MD. I would expect a barrage of complaints about the 450 3 &2 seat combination, that despite an independent report that stats at least 59% of people can’t fit into, they insist on using as ‘more people can sit down’; there will be mutterings about engineering works, timetables and some more obscure rants too. Should be good fun, although they have limited the character count to 1000 – they learnt the last time that an unlimited field evidently gave us too much ammunition. My complaint was 4000 characters, so I am going to have to revise it later.


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