What a shitty, sodding day

Now I know that you haven’t had a bad day until you have told a parent their child has died (see previous blog) but some days really take the p!ss.

  1. Dan had a letter saying that as they had heard from us, HSBC were concerned that we weren’t interested in opening the account. WTF?! HSBC ‘lost’ our international bank account paperwork. Including copies of passports/driving licences/utility bills and other proof of address and identity. One panicked night later we find that the people in the department hadn’t lost it, they weren’t talking to each other – we had missed one tick box – so they had faxed that one page back to the Portsmouth branch. Dan had 3 phone calls to them, went into the branch, ticked and intialled the box – and are they are going to get their £100 for ‘premiere service’ you have got to be kidding.
  2. I am worried about Erika, who is going through a ruff patch, but have just realised the time – so can’t call her.
  3. The ex-twat that I married has paid his overdraft off. But Lloyds haven’t closed the account, they are waiting for the cheque to clear. So over the course of a 20 minute phone call I explained the cheque had cleared – why hadn’t they closed the account? There are still £31.95 in charges that will go out the account on Monday. So do I pay it or not? No-one seems to know, I went into the branch, they called where he had paid it in, they made no mention of the charges, repeated that they were waiting for the cheque to clear then they were closing the account. I have to wait until Friday, to see if it is closed. They have taken the overdraft off, so there is no money in there – but my name is STILL linked to that knob.
  4. I sold an item on ebay, to chase for feedback – to be told she didn’t think it was genuine. Bitch.
  5. I got my engagement ring back from being resized, two weeks instead of one, I had been in or called up every single day chasing it. There is a join round it where it was done, it looks like it is thinner ‘Oh it can’t be thinner’ and he wouldn’t give me any money off the charge. I am so cross, so upset, Dan and I are regretting taking it in there.

So yes I have fallen of the wagon. I have packed the box that I meant to pack tonight. I am about to make my lunch for tomorrow, I am meeting Michele. Not seen her for a couple of weeks, so it should be good fun.

Here’s to a better day tomorrow. If it’s any consolation – the boys are out tomorrow and Friday, so I should clear my desk.


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