sent to my ex-husband

From: mark waple
Sent: 27 February 2008 20:02
To: Maddie Ladele
Subject Re: Bank!
actually come to think of it, interest is compounded at the end of the month and therefore the account should not incur any interest this month as the money was paid in well before. They are the ones who won’t let cheques clear – so my attitude to this is tough on them.

From: Maddie Ladele
Sent: 29 February 2008 12:44
To: mark waple
Re: Bank!

This isn’t ‘tough on them’, it is tough on me. Not that you worry about that. I have just had to relay the whole sodding story to the bank over the counter, in front of a queue of people, as the stop I requested to be put on the account so you wouldn’t be able to use it, was still showing. I was in tears at the end of it. I have a to-do list as long as my arm today as the guys are all out the office, we are frantically trying to catch up on filing etc. I did not need to spend nearly an hour and a half having another battle with Lloyds via two phone calls and a visit to the branch, and now emailing you again. And I still don’t know when the fucking thing is being closed. They won’t take my name off the account even now it is at a zero balance as I need your signature for that as well, Lloyds are raising a ‘concern’ report about it, pity they couldn’t do that when I asked them for help the first time. It MAY be closed by Monday.

I know you don’t care, that you will read this and shrug, probably even delete it straight away. But if you had any compassion at all, try and understand how hard this is for me, and how with a little thought it could have been over and done with ages ago. I have paid back all my debt by scrimping and scraping since you left me; I have worked my arse off to ensure that the payment schedule that was set was met, and I have had a running battle with you to get this paid alongside everything else that is and has been going on in my life. I have received bonuses, that I didn’t see anything of at all as I threw them against the overdraft; I have gone without clothes, haircuts, make-up, lunches, to save to go on holiday, asking for foreign money instead of presents; I lost my home, my job, even my fucking cat, as well as pretty much any dignity that I had left when I rung the council to ask for homeless accommodation, to be told I wasn’t entitled to it; you even called Mum up to tell her I was having an affair when it was you sleeping with Sarah all the time and for God knows how long; you lied to me time and again to get what you wanted out the house, all in all totally ruining any good memories of time that we had together.

So have a look at the little plastic figures you have collected, have a think about the amount of times you have been climbing, hill walking, for weekends away to Nottingham, for however many times you got drunk and pissed your money up the wall, see how much that adds up to, and I am willing to bet that it is a damn sight more than £1500. I know you have other debts as well, the amount of CCJ’s you had showing on your wage slip that you didn’t even have the sense to block out when you sent it to me, tells me that you are still in it up to your eyes. It must be frustrating to be earning so much, yet seeing so little , no wonder you married Sarah so quickly, you really couldn’t afford to not to could you?


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