The squeaky clean flat!

Today we have:

  • Cleaned all 5 windows
  • Hoovered and scrubbed all the floors (carpet and tiles, not both at the same time obviously)
  • Dusted anything that stood still long enough
  • Ironed all the washing
  • Cleaned the oven
  • Changed the bed
  • Packed the last box
  • Blitzed the bathroom and kitchen

The flat is ready for it’s first viewing tomorrow at 5pm, we are both shattered as although it is a one bedroomed flat, it took from 9ish till 5.30 to get everything done. We sat down for an hour over lunch and watched ‘My Street’, on Channel 4 this week, it was very well done, but heart-wrenching at the end. We were both surprised at how good the documentary was, they are still programmes that C4 do very well, so we will forgive them for Big Brother when they make programmes as good as that one.

I made a stew yesterday afternoon, so it has been festering off and on for 24 hours by the time we got to eat it. The beef just fell apart in our mouths. I cooked it with a bottle of IPA and some gravy to cover all the potatoes, butternut squash, carrots, onions and as usual dusted the meat with cornflour, herbs, pepper and a bit of salt. God it was good!

Dan is busy applying for jobs at the moment, we are hoping to get some interviews lined up for when we are in Melbourne in April. Now the house is sorted, we can concentrate on my visa, as I didn’t have the time or the energy while we were trying to pack/tidy/sort over the past month. All hands to the pumps on paperwork now, so be prepared for various email requests for supporting documentation!

I better close, it is coming up for 10pm, I still need to put the clothes away and get my lunch ready for tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed that we sell quickly…!


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