One down

Well the first viewing is over and done with. Dan talked to Vivian afterwards, apparently he is thinking of buying it to rent it out. He seemed quite pleased with it, so we’ll let you know how it went as and when we hear anything.

I had a good PA day at work today, felt right chuffed with myself, and although I didn’t get a chance to write my to do list till lunchtime, it all went well, the boys are in fine spirits, if a little jaded, from their weekend away skiing. Although as there wasn’t much snow, it was more an off piste break.

Met Alice for lunch today, we spent most of the time trying lipsticks on in Boots like teenagers, which was really good fun, and something I hadn’t done for ages.

I am sorry this is short and sweet today, Dan and I are ready for bed, we both keep yawning and as we didn’t sleep well last night are going to crawl into bed for 9pm. Have a good week peeps, we are off to the supermarkdo tomorrow night, however I am taking the lap top into work so may blog on the train. I am working on my handover notes at the moment, trying to get them into some semblance of order. I didn’t have any in this job, let alone was sat down with anyone, seeing Sheryl for lunch tomorrow. She is coming in for another interview at Gresham with PBT.


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