I have had an odd week, it has been spiritually enlightening on the one hand, very frustrating on the other.

I have done two loads of washing with tissues in, most of my stuff can’t be tumbled, so when I do my ironing I will have to stand there with some sellotape to get all the bits off. Of course, they have exploded everywhere, all over socks, pants, tights a jumper, I have just hoovered and we’d walked the little whoofees all the way through the flat too. I’ve done a quick spot clean before we go out for the day, just need to wipe round the bathroom then I’ll be happy, but as we both need showers there’s no point in doing that until we’ve had them.

We still have only had one person look at the flat, Dan has an ebay mind-set where everything sells in a week, so is getting frustrated, but I am stoic and still feel in my belly that it will sell quickly. I get gut feelings every so often that are usually right.

Just had a phone call from Liz, she has pranged her mini into the back of another car. Silly bint. I am waiting photos, but she says she is ok. It happened on Thursday night, it’s now Saturday and she called me right before she left the house, almost as if she was expecting a bollocking from me so she could call off quickly. As if, I am worried that she is ok, but she says she is, and as I won’t have a peep at her for a few weeks, I will have to be comforted with that. I’ll call her properly tomorrow.

Dan and I are driving to Havant in a bit, there are more trains there than to Portsmouth late at night on a Saturday, so when we go home from Stoke Newington we should be able to get home ok. Looking at the a-z, I have never been that far north in London before. The Underground doesn’t even reach it by the looks!!

Have a good one, I’ll be back tomorrow for more on A New Earth.

M xxx


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