I hope this finds you lot well. I have had a frenetic week, and have been rather shattered on arrival at home of an evening, so I apologise about the lack of blogging, but you did get two on Sunday.

Dan and I are looking forward to the four days off over Easter, however as he will be working all 4 days, I am not too sure what exactly he is looking forward to. Maybe like me its the not getting up at 5.30. He has to cover the Haywards Heath site on Good Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Friday he is going to get up and on the road for about 7, leaving me to sleep, potter in the flat and do some food shopping. We are hoping to meet Aged Parents in Rye on Saturday and visit Sheffield Park on Sunday. On Easter Monday, he will have to be in the Portsmouth site for most of the morning again, leaving me to sleep. I like these 4 day weeks I must admit.

When we (I) get back to work the following week, we’ll only have two weekends before we go to Melbourne. Mum and I are going to see the Importance of Being Ernest on the 05 April, so that’s two more Saturdays (inc this weekend) and we’re gone for 3 weeks. I will endeavour to keep blogging while we are out there for you, I will be taking my lap top with me, mainly as I am paranoid about leaving it in the flat while we are not there.

Talking of the flat, Mary my VA buddy made me some cracking blinds to hang in the living room, they’ll go up tonight, maybe even this afternoon if Dan gets time, but as there is a flat tyre on the Punto Punto, I don’t know what time he’ll get home. Richard his boss has got him a hire car for the driving between sites, so the mileage doesn’t go on our car and also he doesn’t have to pay him the mileage too! It will just be the overtime instead, still expensive with the Bank Holidays.

We were both shattered last night, but still laid in bed chatting for ages, I could have gone to bed at 7pm like a 10 year old – I will be so glad when I don’t have this commute hanging over me. Other people cope with it fine, like Dave, who works at Citibank, and doesn’t get on the train home until 8pm, I am on the train at 5.30 and wilt all week. Nevair mind.

Better close, more mutterings and musings for you soon.


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