Well it made me laugh

While I am on hold to the Royal Mail, trying to find out if they have any deliveries this weekend it being Easter and all, or if I need to spend a small fortune sending a notebook to Cornwall for one of my boys, I thought I would let you know what stoopid thing I came out with today.

I was prepping a list for shopping, now you lot know I like my lists:

pita bread, houmous, jeans for DG, bra for me

Now who else is going to wear said bra?? Certainly not Dan, he may have moobs, but doesn’t need support in that area. I got the giggles at my desk, but how to explain my giggles?

I don’t have much else to report today, it’s a cold, grey, wet, miserable day in London-town. Doesn’t scan as well as ‘A Foggy Day, In London Town’ but when you see the same colour of the sky reflected in the buildings, it does make for a depressing view.

Busy weekend upon us, but hopefully relaxing too. I may get slightly tiddled tonight, mainly because I can…


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