Bluebell Railway

We have had another good day today. We toddled off the Bluebell Railway after Dan had visited his second site of the morning. Parking up was interesting, there was no lines on the cinder/rubble car park so people were parking willy-nilly and not leaving a lot of room to manoeuvre. As long as they had their Chelsea tractors in a suitably large space they were happy.

We brought our tickets, which were stamped on entry to the platform and arrived in time to see the Pullman carriages leaving Sheffield Park. Painted and restored to their chocolate brown and cream livery, you can book your places to have afternoon tea, a ploughmans, curry night or sausage and mash depending on the time of day or what special is running.

Most of the staff are volunteers, some like the Canterbury Trust have learning disabilities, but all of them donate time to preserve the engines, rolling stock and stations. The Bluebell railway has special memories for me, Mum and Dad have photos of me in my pram and buggy, literally from months old. Dad is a transport nut, so we used to visit it quite frequently when Patrick and I were little. It was far enough away from Eastbourne to be a day out, but not too far in the car so we would get fractious.

We are watching the end of the First Great Train Robbery with Sean Connery. I love this film, and Dan had never seen it, so I Sky+ it the other day. It is so well done, so funny. Dan was really surprised when Michael Crichton’s name popped up as writer, director and producer.

We are just about to put a DVD on, so I’ll close for now. We are recording the Ladies No 1 Detective Agency, I want to watch it when I know I won’t keel over and need a sleep, so will watch it tomorrow afternoon. Dan has expanded his ‘5 toed sloth’ nickname for me to ‘Maddicus Nocturnus’ – nice.


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