The world was made for Bank Holiday Mondays

Reasoning behind this:

1. No alarm
2. Lazing around in my dressing gown until 2ish
3. Catching up on Poirot, we watched two that I hadn’t seen before
4. Watching Babe, for the first time, yes I had been under a rock and missed it over the past 12 years
5. Working on my x-stitch pretty much all day
6. Hanging the blinds up
7. Watching Addams Family Values, probably the best sequel made
8. Watching an hour of Will & Grace this morning

There are so many things we could have done, and unusually for me the TV has been on all day; but mooching and pottering around at home is always where I feel happiest when I have don’t have pressing things to do. Dan and I probably could watch the sun come up, go down and not move from our rocking chairs on the veranda and still be happy.

We have also booked our hotel/parking in Heathrow for when we leave and the hotel in Hong Kong when we come back. The flat is clean, tidy – although I need to make the bed, I blogged before actually changing the bedding on Friday, ahem, but as it gets changed every week, a few days doesn’t make a difference when it normally gets changed on Sunday/Monday anyway.

All in all we have had a cracking weekend, even with Dan working every day – just being with him and enjoying each other’s company is something we don’t get to do normally in the busy lives we lead!

Have a good week.


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