What a day

It has been a strange one, starting with the tube, the Waterloo & City line was busy so I did the usual alternative, down to Elephant & Castle then up to Moorgate. It was fairly quiet, only two armpits in my face, but at Bank the driver tried to close the door before people had got off the train. One guy nearly lost his glasses, two others had to force the door open and the guy on the platform on the intercom was telling the driver off and asking him to open his doors.

I was giving blood today, normally in and out really quickly, today I was in one of the Insurance Halls that I hadn’t been in before. Lots of stained glass windows and badges of insurance crests, much more exciting to look at than a ceiling. While I was waiting there was a blind lady, which was rather sweet, getting ready to donate. Three people were turned away as they were aneamic, and one guy keeled over. I could see the colour drain from his face, thought to myself ‘He is going’, and off he went. Bit of a stampede when the code word was shouted out, screens went up, a fan appeared from nowhere, a bucket was at the ready and all the appointments were put back a little.

Got back to the office to loads of emails, then off to meet Sara for lunch. Bless her heart she had been trying to buy me some books to give me as a present. After hanging around long enough to get worried about the staff thinking she was a shop lifter, she decided that she would come back with me so I could choose, or get me a voucher. I toddled up to the Chancery Court hotel and the next hour whizzed by as we chatted over fizzy water and dainty fish and chips. We probably could have stayed there all afternoon. We caught up on all the gossip, Sara updating me on all the girls at Cable & Wireless, me telling her about the plans for Australia. She has been reading this and laughing at the pictures of the flat while we were trying to pack all the boxes. It was really good to see her, reminded me of when we were working together laughing most of the day away. We went into the bookshop, she brought me a voucher, so I will look forward to spending it probably at the weekend now, unless I can duck out tomorrow.

DG is already in the shower, so I better close for now and I’ll finish this off tomorrow. I haven’t done any sewing yet either. I am not saying that we are going to bed early tonight, but the bells practice hasn’t even finished yet. *yawn*


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