Visa and moving on

Well after a wobbly start to the week ‘This too, will pass’ – thank you Eckhart Tolle for keeping me sane over the past few days. Keeping yourself in the here and now really does make you realise that you worry, fidget and stress about nothing most of the time, and so make situations worse than they need to be.

We have completed the visa paperwork, and it left at lunch time this morning to be delivered to Australia House tomorrow. Filing in details of all your employment history, all your education history, every where you have lived for 10 years, every country you have visited over the past 10 years (easy for me, thank God it wasn’t DG filling that bit in!), as well as details of your family takes a while. We have also had to get certified copies of the following documents:
Birth Certificates, Passports, Divorces, DG’s naturalisation papers as he was born over here (not a good thing to remind him of this though), Deed Poll for me when I Ladele-d myself. And also copies of bank statement, proof of address, 2 years worth of payslips for Dan, ongoing proof that our relationship is genuine, so various emails from people, photos of us together and with family etc, plus a statement each on the relationship, two forms for me (so far not including health checks) a form that Dan has completed, I have also sent off my Police Checks today too.

All in all, the paperwork was nearly an inch thick.

I also have a complete set copied of everything I have sent in to be kept for reference, we both may be called for interview, and we may need to provide more information as the application proceeds. All for the bargain price of $1390 – or £655. Good job I love him really!

Any hoo, we have had another phone call regarding the flat so, I’ll keep you posted on any developments there, we are going to make it ship-shape before we leave on Friday, so the Estate Agents can come in and show people around. Now the visa is done, we have crossed a big thing off the list, and I can concentrate on packing ‘must not siege pack, must not siege pack’ when I get home tonight.

Dan had an email that arrived over night, good job he didn’t read it the night before, he’d never have slept. He has a second interview on Tuesday morning! How excited are we? Although this does through up a whole new set of issues should he get it, but living in the here and now, we can’t worry about that yet.

Sorry for the lack of blogs this week after the letter went up on Monday. I wanted to tell you all about the play, the snow etc. but have been amassing paperwork instead. Mind you, I did have a glass of white wine while processing it :D

Haven’t heard from anyone regarding my letter via email yet, so will see if we have any letters at home. Likewise on the HSBC cards front, they still haven’t arrived. We are going to open an account out there, and close our accounts. Fed up with the bad service. Nothing talks louder than taking your business elsewhere. Now I really must do some expenses, TTFN


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