Bon Voyage!

To us anyway, this is the last blog for this week, I will catch up with you all from Melbourne next week! How exciting, I am not too sure how the lap top will work re wireless connections and what have you, but I am sure I can find a Starbucks somewhere I can hope onto.

It has been very quiet in the office, we have 3 of the boys out with the lurgy – so it’s a bad one! Alastair is off skiing, and it’s raining again, every time he has gone to a winter wonderland, it’s piddled it down instead. Like Marple or Poirot, you don’t want him on holiday with you :D

We had a welcome lunch for Sheryl today, she has joined Gresham this week, PBT has been out on leave, PMS is out with the flu, so she has had a quiet week, tidying up and setting up her desk. It has meant that we have been able to spend time training her up though, which is better than being throwing in at the deep end. We all went to Pizza Express, I had booked a table, told it was for 1.15, they had 1.30 in the book, the table wasn’t ready and blimey it was an effort to get it sorted. However, the food was good, even if I did order a salad with goats cheese in by mistake, cue lots of rummaging and picking it out. Becky helped me eat it though. Liam persuaded Katharine to have an American Hot, with jalepenos on – she didn’t realise it was going to be that hot and said ‘I’m on fire!’ she was taking great gulps of her wine, and told us to blame Liam if she got squiffy. I had two beers, got the giggles, (I would have had the giggles without the beers, but am aware that it looks like I am a lush), Julie didn’t make it at all, she gave up waiting for us to be seated and had to head back to the office. She consoled herself with chocolate cake from Pret, I would quite happily demolish carrot cake if it was dangled in front of me.

I am waiting for my reference from Gresham to be signed by Mike, I have had some cracking ones come through. Talk about an ego boost. I’d put them up here, but you’d all think I would be bragging.

Um, I had something else to tell you, now what was it. Oh yes. HSBC despite us saying to send the cards from Australia to the Portsmouth branch, then thinking they were sending them to us at home, have actually sent them to Dan’s father’s house. So no wonder we couldn’t find the bluddy things. We are going to use the account while we get sorted, but will love telling them that we are taking our business else where.

I better go, if I loaf with intent (I’m good at that as a PA, you could call it hovering too) Mike will get off the phone with a bit of luck. I have to get to Paddington, then out to Hayes? to stay overnight in a Travelodge. The Landmark it ain’t!


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