Team LG sont arrivés!

After two spectacularly unexciting flights, even the small children didn’t create merry hell for other passengers, we arrived late last night in time to have a hot chocolate, a shower and go to bed.

For the record, I watched The Diving Bell & The Butterfly, 10/10 really got the feel of the book across to screen, which is never easy at the best of times, and in this case where the whole book was dictated letter by letter with John-Dominique Bauby using just his left eyelid after having an enormous stroke, probably nigh on impossible to imagine when you read it. It also made me cry all over the plane, three separate times in one film, not bad. Enchanted 8/10 which for a Disney children’s film really takes the mickey out of Disney Princess incredibly well. I laughed lots at this, and got told to ‘shush’ by DG. The two Christmas episodes of the Vicar of Dibley that I had managed to miss (where she gets married) I had to have my hand over my mouth for most of it, and I was getting told to ‘shush’ lots by DG. I did try not to guffaw, but it was difficult, especially with Alice thinking she was Jesus’ descendant and her favourite slide, hehehe. Michael Clayton again 10/10, this film took my breath away at how good it was. I have told Dan to watch it on the way home so we can talk about it. Tilda Swinton really deserved her BAFTA and Oscar, but George Clooney was also amazing. Acting his socks off, he is driving with his son in the car, can’t tell him what is happening, but you see it all in his face, ooh! and Tom Wilkinson. I have had a soft spot for this British actor for years, way before the Full Monty and Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind, he put in another cracking performance. The script was good, the film edited so well, I was literally about 3 inches away from the screen at one point leaning forward on the edge of my seat, clutching my throat. I’ll probably watch it again on the way home too.

We both got some sleep, both had peculiar food, stereotypical gay air stewards, shunted out the way by Japanese tourists in Hong Kong airport and only left on both legs an hour late. We made up some time on the way to HK, but they lay-over was so short at the airport, we only had time to get off the plane walk past some shops, work out how to get through to the transfer area, queued up to get through the transfer area, have a pee break and get back on the plane. They turned a jumbo jet round in less time it would have taken us to get to the transfer hotel for a shower! We flew out in the same seats, so we could leave stuff on the plane which was handy.

Not much else to report thus far, we have walked to a local shopping centre, got some groceries, decaff coffee and rooibos tea, razor blades for DG as he forgot them, razor for me, as I forgot that, but did bring a razor, a newspaper so he could read all about Carlton’s win yesterday. We then came home, walked to the local station, 20 mins, brought travelcard tickets into the city centre for $6.50 or 3.00, another 20 mins journey – we are 10km out from the city, so I can’t equate it on the underground, but either way it’s cheaper!

Ross & Leonie have just arrived home so we are off for dinner, TTFN


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