I haven’t had a chance to blog all day today, we have been really quite busy. We are still not jet-lagged, Dan woke up around 3ish today, but put it down to pre-interview nerves. We had to get up fairly early insofar we needed the car today to get to Glen Waverley, so Dan had to take Leonie into work. Lying in bed coming too, we listened to the hairdryer being unplugged by our heads, then the tumble dryer started, so I got up. I tried not to be too grumpy…

When Dan came back from dropping Leonie off, he had breakfast, we both had showers, got dressed and left to drive out to the other side of the city. Bearing in mind it’s about 20 km away (I can’t translate it, I have tried to, but my brain isn’t working) it only took us 20 minutes to get there, despite some extensive road works where they are widening the road. The trucks over here are huge, like the American ones in Duel (as an aside, that film scared me so much, I’ve never watched it again), and they come at you from all angles. I was also trying to follow the map, which isn’t normally a problem for me, but the mapping is a bit different over here, and with a grid system as the basic lay out of the city, it is a completely different way of following the roads along, no twisty, turney country roads over here!

Dan parked at The Glen shopping centre, we mooched for a bit as he was a bit early, had a coffee watched the world go by and brought a DVD for Ross and Leonie. Andre Ruei, we have never heard of him, but this violinist is a ‘cross-over’ classical artist, so outsells conventional classic artists, appeals to the masses and sells out huge arenas all over the world. We had one of the DVDs on last night, women were weeping all over the audience. Going shopping today, I saw probably 8 different DVDs, 10+ CDs and displays of him all over the shopping centre. Must remember to google him.

Anyhoo, after trying to use my card in the bookshop, no go, contact issuer, I came out to get some fundage from an ATM, saw Dan in the car just about to leave for his interview, explained what had happened, gave him another kiss good luck and waved him on his merry way. I got some money out no problem, called HSBC and asked what was happening, he couldn’t see a problem, but did confirm that my visa payment had gone through /

I had a good couple of hours wandering round, got a manicure, not the best one I’ve had, it’s a bit streaky, so will come off before I meet KPMG on Friday for ‘an interview like situation’ they called a bit later in the day when we were trying to extract some information on houses from one of the builders over here. It was such hard work getting our questions answered; I now wouldn’t use them if you paid me to. Mirvak have brought land around an old football stadium, knocked most of it down, and are building houses in a drip feed process, thus ensuring maximum return for their money as each time they release 6-10 houses, they can charge a little bit more for them. Plus, they didn’t have any show homes we could go into. As this all happened after lunch, I better take you back a couple of hours; Dan’s interview went really well, they asked him when he would be able to start. They are going to contact his boss over here and have a chat with him, so we’ll see what happens. We sat having lunch trying to think of different options for getting DG out here in the middle of the summer, but if this does work out, he can kiss his two back-to-back cricket seasons goodbye, he’ll be off in June.

I have to admit that while this prospect is not one either of us relish, everything is starting to come together, so we are also very excited about everything. We would like the flat to sell now, so we can make concrete plans.


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