Wait for ages for a blog to come along and three appear at once…

We have had a great day today, we have hired a car, so Ross dropped us off in town when he went to work. We wandered down to the South Bank and had breakfast on Swanson Street, in Starbucks, sorry folks, but their decaf was calling. We’d brought a paper with good coverage of the 2020 summit, I hope you have heard at least a little bit about it in the UK, apart from Cate Blanchett arriving with her 6 day old baby in tow, it has been covered really well over here. I don’t know whether it was the star factor, or that she still attended after just giving birth, but the poor woman has been making headlines over here for the wrong reasons, she was chairing one of the discussion streams, you’d have thought she was just an earth mother, or at least a super-mum. They had cameras in most of the discussions, and it was shown live on the satellite TV channels, she showed her leadership skills really well in one of the clips, but was still labelled ‘New Mum’ – it must drive her mad. Any hoo, the Prime Minister Kevin Rudd set the 1002 delegates the task to come up with 10 laws to be implemented, 3 tasks from each stream, and 10 further ideas. No mean feat, and he has been praised and vilified from all angles.

We then carried on bimbling to where we had to pick the car up, in a building underneath some enormous climbing walls. We’ve a Toyota Corolla, 4 door, it seems impossible to get much smaller than that over here, mind you, minis are everywhere as normal! It’s an automatic, and really nice to drive, it’s fairly pokey too. We charged about all over the city picking up information from Real Estate Agents and driving past houses for sale. We stopped for a cup of tea at Ricketts Point, sat with the newspaper and brochures spread out on the table, the Melway map open plotting where houses were that were up for sale or auction. We have also decided on what area we want to settle in too, which was no mean feat – but as previously mentioned we kept drifting back to the same area; Glen Waverley, Mount Waverley, Bentleigh, Caulfield, Carnegie basically covering 3 pages of the Melway: 68, 69 and 70. The houses in these suburbs are in our price bracket, they are nice areas to live in, they are also close enough to the CBD for me to get to work easily on a train or tram and DG can have the car to get to his job. (We still haven’t heard BTW, and are going to ring tomorrow, but as they have always called him back when they said they would, and they are contacting people in the UK, we don’t want to hassle them.)

This past week has been exactly what I had hoped for on this mission to Melbourne. We have done all the ground work that would have meant us starting in September should we just have arrived without thinking about all the issues before hand. We have been into department stores costing up starting costs, for kitchen, bedding, linen etc. I am just about managing not to faint at the prices as they are in dollars as oppose to pounds now, although I did have to open up the convertor on my mobile to work out what centimetres were in feet for the bedding. 280cm meant nothing to me.

We have achieved so much, and have ticked so many boxes off our mental lists, we really feel we’re on our way now. We have piles of literature we need to trim down, make into a file and organise.

We’ve also decided against building our own Metricon home, having been out to visit their sites and show homes, while they are lovely and it would be amazing to have everything designed around us and want we want and need, they are in the middle of nowhere. Literally being built on farmland and paddocks, miles away from the city, and the small suburbs they are attached to have most of the infrastructure, but none of the atmosphere found in the inner city areas. It has been a hard thing to give up, but funnily enough one of the main factors in this decision was visiting Studio 501, and seeing that most of everything ‘nice’ was not included and will be charged as extras.

We are cooking dinner tonight, so I need to close now, the internet seems to be down so Dan is going to try to get it up again so I can post this. To be fair, if you’re reading it – then it worked!!


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