Aussie Rules Football and stuff

No I don’t understand it, I get most of it, but as some information sinks in, another bit leaks out. And having seen rather a lot of it lately, I am all footy-ed out.

I am feeling out of sorts today, I think it is a combination of cabin fever, living out a suitcase, not being able to tidy anything away properly, having a drawer full of cr*p as oppose to having somewhere to put it, and not being able to read or concentrate at the moment. I am away with the faeries thinking of everything we need to do, I am struggling to switch off my brain today. I am missing Erika on her birthday too, I feel the need for some Bear and F’lion hugs. I should have gone out for a walk after the family lunch, but it was not far off getting dark when people were leaving, so I wouldn’t have got far today, and I needed a hike. Tomorrow I am meeting a consultant in town, so will spend another day in the city, or at least part of it, but I will go out for a bimble when we get back to the house.

From the left to right:
Lachy and Renee
DG and yours truly
Melissa and Aaron
The three boys were born one year after another, and are cousins in a roundabout familial way, but all are as close as brothers. It was great to watch them all together, they hadn’t been in the same room since the last time Dan and I travelled to Oz. They are all looking forward to us coming over to live, and as we’ll all be living on the East side of the city, we should be able to see a lot of each other. Lives, jobs and children permitting. (Their’s not ours obviously!)

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