BH Monday

I am typing this in the car to the Medway site, Dan is covering three buildings today – which is probably taking the p somewhat on his boss’s behalf, but he’ll get paid mileage, have a day off, get time and a half and have his lunch brought for him too. We have been to the Portsmouth site already, doing the furthest one away and coming back via Haywards Heath, which will give me a chance to have a peep at Sarah too for lunch. The traffic so far hasn’t been too bad, which of course now I have thought that will probably mean a tail back soon!

To finish what I started this morning, on Saturday Dan played at Sparsholt, so we packed up a salad for me, my ‘Maddie Entertainment Kit’ which this week had my tote filled with two Eckhart books (I now have all 4) a book on living and working in Australia, with the note book I am writing my notes in re my visa, my Red and Oprah magazines that I subscribe to and MindFood which is a New Zealand magazine I picked up in Melbourne. It has some really good articles I will cut out to put into my inspiration book. I also brought the Saturday Times, at the game I sat next to John, so I would have some company too. It was nice to see all the guys again, and we had a good day – the sun was mostly out, it was a bit chilly at times, it’s not quite holding the temperature when the sun gets bashful and hides behind a cloud. We have to organise drinks with a few of them and some of Dan’s work colleagues this week, so mostly our time left in the country will be spent organising stuff and catching up with people before we leave.

Needless to say, I was quite happy at the cricket with everything to keep me occupied, I know it’s daft to take 3 books, but as I never know what I will want to do until I get there it’s always better for me to take more than one, especially if I finish it and am stuck in the arse end of nowhere with nothing to do. We’ve decided that Saturdays are probably going to be our down time this summer, with everything we need to achieve, we’ll be really busy in the evenings, and will use the time at cricket to chill out, especially as our Sunday’s will soon get booked up with people.

Sarah and I walked into HH, bemoaning ISP, and chatting, we stopped at probably the only bar not serving food, hence all the seats outside it I guess, but had a drink. Dan appeared after a bit, he’d finished work for the day, so the three of us chewed the fat for another hour, then we dropped her off near Sainsbury’s on our way home out the town.

I drove home, and sincerely wished I hadn’t as we were nearly driven off the road at the T junction to Littlehampton and Portsmouth. A twat in a Clio was doing nearly 100mph, in a 50mph zone, luckily there was nothing in the inside lane as I swerved to get out his way, to see him ‘Nescafe’ me out his rear-view window, with a child strapped into a car seat in the back of his car. I was still jittery when we got to Morrisons, we needed more milk, so Dan drove home from there. I have just uploaded the Hong Kong photos to FB, got some washing going, I need to close as I have a pile of ironing, need to get ready for work and try and sort out some paperwork. At the moment, it feels like a huge mountain to climb, but every journey starts with a single step. We always knew this was going to be the hardest part when we got back from Melbourne, as Sarah said today ‘As you cross one thing off, another six things will get added onto the bottom of the list’.

Amen to that, and I’ll keep you posted on the A4 sized to-do list as it goes, have a good week peeps.


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