Tuesday twitterings

Well, to be fair it is actually Wednesday, but I am writing about Tuesday. Dan played cricket last night, and did very well too, they won and he got 6 6’s a few 4’s and ended up with 72. He also confessed that he likes coming home to me, as it is unusual. I was in from about 7ish, I walked home from the Harbour, talking to Jim on my mobile, multi tasking as normal. Had a dinner made up of left overs again ignored the ironing, and caught up on some admin. The flat still looks like a bomb site (to me anyway) with piles of paperwork all over the place, and a general ‘drawer of doom’ session is needed as well as a sifting out of paper work that can be sent to Melbourne. We will have to keep some paperwork on us obviously, we can’t risk losing some of it, but we have 4 boxes arriving today which should help us, we can pack up the last of the detritus that we have kept out. We are going to do reverse psychology, pack up a suitcase and carry on, then box up what is left, I am already trying to work out what books I don’t need to take with me over the coming few months, but it’s not going to be easy! We are also both reconciled to probably paying for excess baggage as we take out personal possessions with us. It would be a lot easier if we could go together, but needs must and I didn’t want to back out on Mike and Gresham by shooting off before September.

I watched How To Look Good Naked, collated paperwork to process on the train, I am not wasting a single minute if I can help it now, then crawled into bed at 10.30. Late for me, and I felt it this morning as I struggled to get up.

Enough waffle, ttfn.


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