Musings on why I am emigrating

Or what the hell am I doing?!

I have had a little weep today. I got a bit overwhelmed by it all. We have packed our last two boxes, making 14 in total, and was laughing with Dan when I suddenly thought ‘What am I going to do without him?’ I know it will only be for a couple of months, then I thought about what are my family going to do without me forever? Sniffle.

This of course is something I have been pushing out my mind, I know that I am going to fall apart at some point, probably at the airport to be honest. I am dreading walking out through the departure lounge, because that’s it then. I also don’t want a lot of people coming to the airport to see me off either, as I know it is going to be difficult and saying goodbye to everyone will be awful.

However, that said my visa has been provisionally approved – provided I pass my medical. It’s booked for the 04 June, along with my x-ray that same morning and I should get my results about 10 days later. After that I send my passport to Australia house, they stamp it, send it back et voila.

I have done the little bit of ironing that I needed to, there is more drying, it’s vaguely tidy, the bathroom and kitchen are clean and all in all I’ve probably slept for 14-15 hours today too. I went to bed at 11ish, Dan was watching the end of the Grand Prix he’d recorded, he went to work about 10am, I got up about 11, Dan made eggy-bread, I had my coffee and went back to bed till about 3.

We’ve had a good weekend, Mum, Dad, Patrick and Caireen came down on Saturday. Dan was playing cricket, he’s on his farewell tour of Hampshire. I’d done a salad, we sat, ate, drank and were merry till Patrick and Caireen had to get the train home to London. Aged Ps stayed over, Dan was playing at the Bat and Ball on Sunday, not the home of cricket, that of course is Lords – but where apparently all the rules were finalised. It was a gentleman’s game, so Guy who was captain declared at 4.15, allowing enough time for tea and 20 overs after 6.30. It was really nice of him to ask Dan to play, Guy had also asked a South African to play, and Martin who is nearing the end of his career. So it was a bit of a motley crew that assembled to play against a very upper middle class team, full of hoorays, but it was a good day, despite the ‘wha wha whas’ in the background.

We’re watching Officer and A Gentleman, he is just about to go off for his basic flight training and leave her – how could he!? I better go, I’ll soon be weeping all over my lap top otherwise.



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