I am sat at my desk freezing cold today. I have gone downstairs to buy a top to wear, as a vest top and long sleeved top are not enough to keep me warm in the office, which is baltic. So as I have various work black jumpers, at home handily, I am sporting (literally) a hoodie. I thought as I couldn’t find another smart enough option, I might as well buy something I can use outside the office.

I am fed up of being cold, I am fed up of having purple finger nails, I am fed up full stop today. I am in a right foul mood, and failing miserably to get out of it too. I have tried, I am concentrating on what I am doing at the time, but the nagging ego voice in my head will not shut up and leave me alone.

As before, I have learnt not to blog when ratty, so I will leave you to it. Have a good day, I’ll speak to you all when I am not grumpy.


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