Sports Therapists

I went to see Bonnie again last night, she is a tiny wee little thing who I am seeing for my back and neck. I have given up on the chiropractor as I was still creaking and groaning, Bonnie both manipulates my spine and breaks down the knots in my muscles leaving me freer and looser than I have been in ages. I also sleep like a baby too. Last night it apparently rained, lots. I wouldn’t know, I was miffed when the alarm went off though, as I had just rolled over and got comfortable ready to drift back off to sleep. Bummocks.

Two of the guys here have been to Monaco for the Grand Prix, one is just over his hangover, the other was complaining that the water was too cold to swim in comfortably from the yacht he had hired. *sigh* How the other half live huh?

Now where was I?

I am sat at my desk, trying to remember to sit upright, trying to keep my feet from wrapping round my chair legs, trying to remember to keep my shoulders back and trying not to lean forward, arching over my desk like a street light so I can see what I am doing. My eyes are fine, as I had them tested recently, it is just my muscle memory that I need to sort out and edumacate myself to sit up properly. That I have been 5’10” since I was 12 doesn’t help as I stooped to hide it too.

I know when I start exercising again my posture will improve, it always does, but somethings have to give and non-essential pockets of time have been ironed out to make room for packing, sorting, organising etc. I know you shouldn’t neglect your health, so I am conciously eating better instead, no wheat/pasta, lots of fruit and veg and I haven’t had a drink since Monday lunchtime. But I will not be able to start exercising until I get to Eastbourne, when I will be walking back from the station everyday, so better remember to wear my trainers every morning. Mum and I will also go swimming too, that will be a blast from the past! And I don’t know what I am going to do going into the Sovereign Centre and not seeing Nessy there, it just won’t be the same.

I am looking forward to finding a gym in Melbourne, getting a bike and tootling round the parks on it. I may even break out some skates again, although I will need lessons so I don’t lurch from tree to tree. Every so often, like now, I get really excited about everything, I find it difficult to concentrate on keeping myself in the here and now, as my mind flits about the world of endless possibilities that are waiting for me.

If you knew me 3 years ago, you would be proud, I had no hope at all.


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