On Apple and apples

I had to reset my iPodly yesterday, it was defunct in the playing department, which as I use it everyday caused a bit of a problem when trying to select an album. So I listened to 4 episodes of the News Quiz instead on the way home last night instead, stiffling my giggles in the carriage. After restoring it to normality, it then proceeded to chug away for hours adding everything back in. I have over 4000 songs, 200 podcasts (183 I haven’t listened to yet, two are language courses though) and probably enough material on the little thing to see me through the best part of a month continuous use. The battery only lasts for 4 trips on the train though, so I would have to be plugged in.

Although we are technically packed, and should only have clothes etc out, I still seem to have a lot of bits hanging around; books, laptop, paperwork, magazines (I will cull the articles I want out of them this Saturday though), I keep teasing Dan about how much junk he has accumulated over the 6 years he has been over here, but I really can’t complain too loudly – maybe at the middle of my voice, not the top of it. I have no idea how I am going to get some of the stuff to Oz, I will have to pack up some in a box and ship it over through Parcelforce or something, and I will have to stop wandering around bookshops, looking at Amazon too. It will kill me, but it has to be done.

I am doing ok on the eating healthily, we had soup for dinner last night. I don’t know when I made it, it’s been in the freezer for a while. We are trying to run the freezer down now, so I will bring some odd things along to the BBQ on Sunday I can tell, I don’t want to go shopping really unless we have to. Obviously we’ll need fresh stuff and I can take whatever I need to to Aged Ps, Mum has already taken some dried herbs and spices with her. But you do go into autopilot when you are in a shop, we always buy x so we must buy it today. Doing this moving thing should hopefully cull some of my bad habits.

Made myself porridge for breakfast, I have 2 pears, a nectarine, banana and an orange left to eat this week at work, we are going out for lunch tomorrow to say goodbye and thank you to Amanda. She has been a fabulous temp, and I think I would have gone stir crazy without her, she certainly made my life a whole lot easier over the past 4 months! I will have something vegetarian from the menu, I find cooking for myself so much easier to ensure that I eat correctly. When I am relying on others to make dinner for me, I will eat whatever is put in front of me, so Dan will use normal pasta sometimes instead of mine for example. I am also trying to think of another dinner that we had recently where I thought blimey I’m stuffed, but I can’t remember. My weight never really was an issue for me before I used the Depo injection. Then I put on 2st in a year and have never lost it, but I am taking steps to get there!

Toodle-pip, tally ho. Looking forward to Pimms o’clock on Sunday. I hope people come down, it would rather be a damp squib if it was just Dan and I.


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