Well, the weather is gloomy, but the cricket is still on. At Purbrook they don’t have covers, so we were expecting it not to be on as it has been decidedly showery of late. It was however, remarkably warm today. I left Dan there going into field, I came back parked up and walked over to Gunwharf. I must have been mad. It was heaving, the first Saturday after pay-day, what was I thinking?

I needed to get the bedding and everything for when I stay with Aged Ps, so I went to Boots and Claire’s Accessories first, then went to Bedeck to get everything. The store had only just opened, so it was a bit of a nightmare for them. The PDQ machine was working properly, so they could only take cash, the scanner wasn’t working either, so some bar codes went through the till, while others didn’t. I got a mattress cover, 4 pillows, a quilt, and bedding. So walking back through the herds was interesting, to say the least. I was mostly invisible, so just walked straight through and walloped people gently with my baggages.

I came back, unloaded that lot then went back out to Waitrose for stuff for the BBQ, although at this rate it will end up with Dan and I feeding Mum and Dad. I came back, and was unpacking when Betty from next door popped up, she wanted me to come round for a bit. Her nurses were coming to help her get ready for bed. She’s just back from visiting her family in San Francisco, she had a bad fall while she was out there and is very frail now. We’ve chatted for about 20 minutes, but she was getting tired, so I have come back waiting for DG to finish his cricket. I’m watching Taste of my life. I love Nigel Slater, and love this sweet gentle programme.


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