Apologies for the lack of blogs for the last couple of days, and you will be a bit inundated over the next few – but as ever life has got in the way:

Saturday: Cricket
Sunday: Barbecue
Monday: New starter at work, and I was in bed at 8pm (pathetic)
Tuesday: Had a wallow in the bath, and another early night
Wednesday: X-ray and medical for visa in Southampton, and gave my statement to the Transport Police over the assault on the train back in April. It only took 3 hours.

Now all in all, that doesn’t sound a lot really, but I sit here in the flat, looking at a load of washing on the airer, towels tumbling and another load of washing chugging away, the bathroom needs a clean the floor needs a hoover and I have been culling articles out the papers from the weekend, so there are various piles ready for filing with a pair of scissors on the floor, there was washing up in the sink and the hob needed a wipe over. And today we had a last minute viewing, with me in the process of giving my statement the car was in town, so Dan couldn’t whizz home and quickly tidy up. Sod’s bluddy law. We kept it pristine for 10 weeks, the one day it looks like it’s been lived in and a let’s face it, sh!t tip compared to normal, someone comes round to view it, and it was the buying office too, not the rental office. Dagnammit.

So we are going to clean the flat tonight, stable door and horse I know, but we are making the most of having me home about 3 hours early, we’ve already been for a walk and I’ve made a curry for tomorrow night – yummeh. I need to finish the papers so they can all be filed away, I may even break out the ironing board too.

I will blog more on the train tomorrow, but I wanted to let you know that we’re still here. And after my chest x-ray and medical, I am decidedly normal.


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