Evening all

We have a set of nesting Magpies out the back of the flat. They are chattering away like crazy tonight, we also have two sets of Blackbirds as well. As Aged Parents found out when they stayed over. The B&B next to us has an aeriel that is just below our bedroom window, one Blackbird sits on it, telling the world that it his aeriel, the other blackbird sits at the top of the tree by the car park telling everyone that this is his tree. The pair of them tweet, sing and sometimes downright yell at each other – usually about 7 in the morning. What with the ferries tooting to small yachts get out the way, the hovercraft going back and forth to Ryde every half hour and teenage yobbos charging around on their scooters (see previous blog for rant on them) it can be really quite noisy living in this quiet village-esque part of town.

Betty our next-door neighbour is back at home from America, although she had a bad fall while she was out there – I think I have blogged about this already so I won’t repeat it again. But she also has now been registered blind. I popped into see her tonight, and chatted for about half hour, she hates getting old, hates having to rely on people and above all hates the multitude of social workers that have been trooping through her flat moving furniture around and wanting to fix hand rails to everything in sight.

I am a cricket widow tonight, Dan should be back soon, he’s been playing on Hayling Island tonight. In fact, he’s just got in, got one run, but 7 wickets – 2 catches and 5 stumpings! Blimey – that was a good game.

Better go, I need to get a cup of tea.



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