Dan and I have been to The Ritz for tea today, we had finger sandwiches:
Smoked salmon, cream cheese and cucumber, ham, chicken mayonnaise, cheddar in tomato bread and a little roll with egg and cress. The ham and chicken sandwiches were amazing, I cannot tell you how good they were – you are just going to have to trust me.

We then had 4 scones to work through with clotted cream and strawberry jam, one each of raisin and apple scones, that were warm, light fluffy and again so beautifully flavoured. Then there were cakes! 6 0r 7 different ones, we couldn’t manage them though, as we asked for extra sandwiches.

I had Ceylon Orange Pekoe and Dan had Darjeeling tea, then I swapped to Assam after that. For someone who detested tea growing up, I am developing a taste for it now – however (if I am visiting you take note!) it has to be black, and it can’t be PG Tips/Tetley or any of the other crappy blended teas that I grew up avoiding on the circuitous visits of Great Aunts and other relatives. So I will come visit with my own tea bags, you can think I am a snob – let’s face it, it won’t be the first thing I am fussy over, nor the last.

I DON’T BELIEVE THIS! I have just seen what film they are selling with the Daily Mail tomorrow. ‘Water’ one of the best Michael Caine films, that no one ever knows about, and also one I have just ordered from Amazon to take to Oz. Sods bluddy law! Even I would have brought the Daily Mail for that. As my Gran used to say ‘There are lies, damn lies, then what the Daily Mail prints’ I hate that middle England getting up in arms over MMR jabs and petrol stations, making sweeping decisions based on what that sh!tty paper tells them. Harumphing into their PG Tips and bemoaning the new flight paths over their newly built house when Heathrow/Gatwick have been there for 40odd years.

Rant over.

Dan is ranting at the TV, the Aussies are dropping catch after catch and completely fluffing up their fielding at the moment, I may have to change channels as he is getting really cross! They have missed a run out by a country mile too.

This blog isn’t turning out the way I wanted to, so I better close I may start a revolution of some description otherwise. Before I close, can you all please note: This week is Dan’s last full week in the country, I am also away Thu-Fri with work, so blogs (unless I witter on the train or at lunch) will be few and far between, also if you want to chat to us, best you call us as we are blitzing the flat prior to moving out next week, so will be hermits and distinctly off the radar!



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