The off site

I have just finished packing for an overnight stay in deepest Wiltshire. We are going to the Manor House Hotel for lunch, go-karting at Castle Coombe, dinner, overnight stay, activities in the morning, BBQ lunch (have you seen the forecast?!) and then departing.

So I have 5 outfits. And that is before I seige pack as normal.
1. Travel up and lunch
2. Go-karting
3. Dinner
4. Horse riding in the p!ssing rain
5. Lunch and travel home

I also need to factor in: what if I get soaked on the horse – so have two bags so I can chuck smelling karting and horsey clothes into one, so I don’t stink up my nice clothes. Add in, hair dryer, smellies, undies, magazine, iPod docking station, (need my music), make up and other extraneous ‘stuff’, it’s a good job I am driving up there.

I am not taking lap top, so will be off line for a couple of days – if you need me, call my mobile, although I will be in the arse end of nowhere so am unlikely to have a signal. I’ll do my best =D


PS I only have 5 sleeps left in Portsmouth, 6 sleeps left till Dan leaves for Melbourne, am expecting a wobbly week next week.


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