Aches, pains and random bruises

Or ‘Either I’m getting old, or I’ve been go-karting’

My neck hurts, my shoulders ache, I am tight all over, I have a round bruise above my left elbow that I can only see in the mirror (when I discovered why the hell it hurt so much, as I waved it at myself in the car while sat at traffic lights) I hardly slept as it was so hot in my room, so am a physical wreck, right before a really busy weekend of packing, lifting and moving things around Portsmouth and Eastbourne. *groan*

On a brighter note, I had a voice mail from the Australian Embassy, my visa has been approved so I can now legally enter the country before 11 April 2009. As I am looking at flights for 01 Sept, I think I’ll manage that date!

I know I have lots to tell you, but you’ll just have to be patient, I need to iron out my back on the floor before we head out the door tonight.


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