Busy week, great start to it

My train got stuck behind another train this morning that couldn’t get it’s doors to open or then to close at Liss and Liphook, then it decided to catch on fire too. So power down on the line as they contained it, we sit tight for about an hour and off we shuffle into Haselemere, which was the only place we could pass the train on the way up the line. It was standing room only as they weren’t stopping at Guildford or Woking, just went straight into Waterloo. I got off in town and brought breakfast taking it into the meeting in time to talk through the diaries. *puff* I also had left my iPod at home, so it was a good job I had my Oprah magazine with me. People may laugh at me for reading it, but it is bluddy good and had lots of interesting articles in it that kept me going all journey. Of course, I don’t know what I will do with myself on the way home, but never mind.

I am now all out of sync, my desk is a tip I need to write my to do list and open the post so better close for now. Tonight we are packing the last bits, including the TV for Aged Ps, leaving the flat sometime tomorrow – for me it will be 6.10 as normal, for Dan whenever he gets going to meet me at Heathrow I guess.

Still feeling alright, although I have butterflies in my stomach, I’ve also warned work that I may be a bit wobbly on Wednesday! I am going to miss my boy – but my visa has been approved, so we are all set now.


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